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2012-02-20 14:22:45 by BOATMAN

Not really sure what a news post does, so I'm just trying it out. I don't really have any news. I have been working on music, just nothing worth turning into a song. I'm thinking of saving up for a YRG-1000. Any feedback on that decision would be greatly appreciated. Also, remember to check out I have to mention that or else my manager will call me mean names. (Don't worry, I'm my own manager.)


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2012-02-22 09:07:06

They let you be better attention whores like me. Unless you're ridiculously popular this is a bad place to ask for advice, though. I'm sure the audio forum would be more than glad to help, though.

BOATMAN responds:

Attention whoring, you say? I could certainly stand to do more of that. Thanks for the info!